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The WASP Angled Forward Grip

FXD or Force By Design just launched a badass new Angled Forward Grip that really changes the way you will handle your firearms.

They have 2 versions of them, The Venom is the basic version which comes in a bit cheaper than the WASP, which is fully adjustable and has a pressure switch for your other accessories like lights or lasers.

Both angled forward grips provide the same function, an ergonomic grip with thumb paddles that give you much more control and freedom with your weapon.

I was skeptical when I first saw this and thought this was just another fancy item with a big price tag. But, then I got to try it first hand.

Simply by holding the grip and placing your thumb on the paddle of the WASP or VENOM grip you now activate 7 more muscles in your forearm that are not active with a standard angled forward grip or AFG.

Now I did not understand why that is important until I tried it out for myself and basically what the ergonomic angle and the thumb paddle do is give you more strength because you are using more muscle groups.

With this added strength you get greater weapon control, increased accuracy with reduced muzzle rise, faster transitions, and reduced fatigue.

Reducing fatigue is a big problem solved for anyone in military and law enforcement as well as competition shooters like 3-gun.

I can’t speak for you, but I am always looking for an edge to outperform my buddies at range days and this grip will definitely give me an edge over those using standard angled forward grips or no grip at all.

In conclusion, this is a really cool concept that FXD brought to reality. They took their time designing it to handle the harsh terrain of a battlefield and back it up with a lifetime warranty.

If you love to shoot, you will appreciate adding this tool to your arsenal.

The VENOM Angled Forward Grip

Where to buy these Angled Forward Grips?

These are brand new and just coming to the retail market.

Currently, they are unavailable.

Let us know what you think of them in the comments below.